A brief history

A brief history of CAN

CAN was launched on 1 May 2014 with the aim of sourcing socially responsible advertising for websites of local authorities in the UK

Our initials stand for Council Advertising Network – and these partnerships with local councils are exclusive to us. 

We want to build as large a network of local government organisations as possible so we can team them up with top-brand advertising to provide much-needed extra income for public services.

Our network also supports advertisers and agencies to showcase their brands in a safe, supportive, trusted environment.

As we’ve expanded the number of products we offer, we’ve evolved into CAN Digital Solutions – developing and using our own technology and data-driven insights to run cost-effective digital campaigns on behalf of councils with Citizen Reach.

We’re also making a version of the technology we use to bid on advertising space commercially available to publishers with Slingshot by CAN

Meet our small, friendly team