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Brand-safe advertising on local government websites

The keys to strengthening your brand through digital advertising are a safe environment and positive associations. CAN’s Council Advertising Network works in partnership with local government in the UK to offer exclusive advertising opportunities on their websites.

Why spend with CAN?
  • Brand safety: Citizens trust the information they get from local government websites. They are a first port of call for reliable content on leisure, transport, homes, roads, recycling, learning and much more.
  • Corporate social responsibility: Local communities and council services benefit from a much-needed extra source of revenue.
  • Scale: Advertise across the UK to 100+ public sector websites for local councils, official tourism, jobs and transport & travel, on a network with 20 million-plus unique visitors a month. You can also cherry-pick geo-locations.
  • Contextualised content and a captive audience: People need to visit their local council website again and again throughout the course of a year and at key stages of their lives. It’s where they register the birth of a child, or the death of a loved one, choose schools, get planning permission, research business licences and book garden waste collections.
  • Qualified audiences: We work with quality, audience-specific data – not inferred number-crunching and ‘guesstimated’ behaviour. You can target the relevant audience for your brand for better chance of conversion. We know what the audience is currently interested in – because the webpages they visit tell us.
  • Clutter-free environment: Our network partners run a maximum of two in-view display ads per webpage. Your brand benefits from being part of an environment in which the user has fewer distractions and is more likely to see your message.