Targeted solutions for digital campaigns


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Targeted solutions for public sector campaigns

Are your campaigns reaching the right audiences?

Whether you want to tell your local citizens about changes to services, encourage them to give their views, or promote behaviour change, CAN has the know-how to find the people you want to target online and on social media with CAN Citizen Reach™.

We can target specific demographics (like age, sex and ethnic background), geographic locations and personal interests that match the groups of people you want to reach with your council campaigns. This is especially effective for those harder to reach in more traditional ways, like through print advertising and on outdoor media.

We work exclusively with public sector organisations and their partners and have been delivering digital campaigns with measurable outcomes for local councils, NHS, police and fire services for the past decade, clocking up more than 1,000 so far, on a huge range of themes.

92% of the UK adult population are now digitally active (source: ONS Census 2021) if not on a PC or laptop, then almost certainly on a smart tablet or mobile phone.

How does Citizen Reach™ work?

Your campaign message is displayed as a digital advert on websites and/or social media channels and citizens click through to the campaign landing page on your website to view the call to action and more information.

The sites your campaign ads appear on are determined by anonymised data profiles of individuals’ browsing habits (‘programmatic advertising’). This ensures your messages reach the specific groups of people you want to target.

Unlike traditional forms of advertising, with digital CAN will also keep monitoring your campaign as it’s running to determine which messages, creatives and channels are working best, and tweak the campaign to get the highest performance for the lowest cost.

CAN also gives public sector organisations access to the anonymised data that’s collated to help you better shape your services for the future, improving delivery and cutting costs.

What do you get from us?
  • Human interaction: our team will talk through your campaign aims and who you want to reach.
  • Digital action plan: details how we’ll target the right people via online and social media advertising.
  • Quick turnaround: we get your campaign up and running as soon as you give us the green light.
  • Flexibility: we’ll focus your campaign more online, or more on social – whatever fit is best for you.
  • Safety: our in-built filters and constant monitoring mean your ads won’t appear on inappropriate websites.
  • Monitoring: we’ll optimise the best-performing creatives, times, media and formats.
  • Nudge: we re-target people who have shown an interest in your campaign but not yet engaged.
  • Data consent: our technology has compliance automatically covered for vital regulations like GDPR and PECR.
  • Up-to-date dashboard: access to easy-to-read information on statistics, updated weekly, via the Google Data Studio, so you can track the progress of your campaign.

We will come up with a digital solution to help you reach the right audience with your messages. 

Here’s a useful guide to the digital and social media artwork specs we use.