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Maximise your digital advertising revenue with Slingshot

Slingshot is an innovative – but simple to use – technology solution that gives small and medium-sized publishers access to the sort of bluechip marketplaces only usually available to bigger players.

Using an open-source header-bidding technology (see more below), the Slingshot tech auctions your ad space to the highest bidder across more than a dozen programmatic platforms to maximise your ad income.

Increasingly, small and medium-sized publishers recognise the value programmatic advertising can bring for their inventory – as this article from US-based explains – and Slingshot delivers a simple but effective gateway. 

Five reasons to try Slingshot
  1. Maximise ad revenue: Slingshot’s technology – successfully tested through our public-sector partners – increases income for publishers through a competitive bidding process for their inventory across 10+ top programmatic platforms.
  2. Clean, brand-safe advertising: the programmatic ads served – that refresh automatically – will be meaningful to the person viewing your webpage thanks to our smart data. Slingshot is fully compliant with GDPR privacy legislation.
  3. Simple-to run: the technology is easy to integrate into your website and to use, and is tailored to all devices – laptops, tablets and mobiles. You can choose either a self-service or managed-service package.
  4. Teamwork: our experienced and friendly team will give you as much help as you need with strategy and technology.
  5. Transparency: all payments will be accurate and prompt.
What is header bidding?

A piece of code is placed into webpage headers which allows advertisers to submit bids for this ad space at the same time. It means advertisers can compete for a publisher’s inventory via an auction that takes place outside the ad server.

The bidder with the highest price gets their ad delivered. This helps publishers optimise the level of revenue they get from their inventory.

Slingshot by CAN offers a simple technology solution to enable successful header bidding across a number of top programmatic marketplaces.