CAN Gold Partners: sharing our values and vision

CAN Gold Partners: sharing our values and vision

All public sector organisations are on a digital journey as residents and businesses increasingly want to engage with services online – and because it’s cost-effective.

At CAN, we provide clients on our CAN Advertising Network – that’s local councils and public sector bodies representing tourism, transport and jobsites – with access to the rapidly developing technology that drives digital advertising so they can generate a new income stream and tap into other benefits that come with the technology, like data solutions.

Two pre-requisites for CAN are that our service should be as easy as possible for public sector clients to implement and operate, and that it should involve minimal cost (access to our advertising network itself is free of charge).

We work alongside many great technology companies to deliver our service* but some really share our values and vision for helping the public sector along its digital journey with simplicity and fairness: these are CAN’s Gold Partners Placecube, Simpleview, GeoEdge and Synergi Tech Ltd.

Gold Partner profile: Simpleview

For nearly 20 years, Simpleview has been helping tourism and convention bureaus connect with travellers, meeting planners, the media and the businesses and attractions that give each destination its unique heart and soul. 

In that time, it has grown from a small shop of three young entrepreneurs just out of university to a company with employees around the world. 

The key to that growth has been understanding that people are its greatest strength. Simpleview values its customers as the foremost experts in its work and strives to be a company people choose to work with, not just for what it sells to them, but for what it represents.

Technology stack with people in mind

With customers as collaborators, it follows that Simpleview invents and integrates the tools that destinations use every day – from customer relationship management (CRM) and destination management systems (DMS) to email marketing, digital asset management, social media solutions and more – in ways that work for the people using them.

Some of its customers use one or two of its offerings, while others turn to Simpleview for their full technology stack, blending the company’s in-house products with those from carefully chosen strategic partners, like CAN.

Websites focused on end-users

Simpleview creates websites that work because it understands what visitors want. Informed by web analytics from six continents, it designs smart, beautiful, on-brand sites that not only evoke a true sense of place but deliver a real return on investment.

Its websites are built on Simpleview CMS (content management system), which has stood the test of time for two decades now and currently powers more than 400 destinations globally, including 47 English tourism websites on the CAN advertising network (you’ll find a list of these here).

Additionally, representatives from nearly four dozen destinations give continuing advice to Simpleview as part of its CMS User Group. By partnering with customers in this way, the company offers the most stable and reliable platform for travel and tourism websites, designed specifically for destination marketing. 

Integrated marketing for meaningful outcomes

Simpleview believes that tools can best support customers’ success when backed by experienced support. For this reason, it offers expertise in tracking data to create meaningful goals and helping to plan campaigns, promotions and more. 

To deliver on those plans, Simpleview also offers outstanding creative design and content, with services specifically and exclusively for the travel and tourism industry. It’s by developing deep expertise in this one area of marketing that Simpleview regularly beats industry averages, giving customers greater return on their digital media buys.

Building bridges worldwide

With more than 900 customers of all sizes around the world, Simpleview works with an incredible mix of destinations: from the country of Norway to the city of Liverpool, and from the US state of Wisconsin to the island of Bermuda.

Simpleview CEO Ryan George explains that while these bureaus may not often have the chance to interact directly, his teams learn from diverse and distant bureaus every day – a privilege that allows them to build bridges of knowledge, ideas and best practices all around the world.

“At our core, we’re inventors, and we’re driven by the same passion for discovery that is at the heart of travel,” George says “We strive to inspire exploration and empower evolution, and we’re always up for the next big thing — whether by finding it or creating it!”

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*We’ve also installed CAN tech on websites with content management systems operated by Jadu, GOSS, Drupal, SharePoint, WordPress and others.