CAN Gold Partners: sharing our values and vision

CAN Gold Partners: sharing our values and vision

All public sector organisations are on a digital journey as residents and businesses increasingly want to engage with services online – and because it’s cost-effective.

At CAN, we provide clients on our CAN Advertising Network – that’s local councils and public sector bodies representing tourism, transport and jobsites – with access to the rapidly developing technology that drives digital advertising so they can generate a new income stream and tap into other benefits that come with the technology, like data solutions.

Two pre-requisites for CAN are that our service should be as easy as possible for public sector clients to implement and operate, and that it should involve minimal cost (access to our advertising network itself is free of charge).

We work alongside many great technology companies to deliver our service* but some really share our values and vision for helping the public sector along its digital journey with simplicity and fairness: these are CAN’s Gold Partners Placecube, New Mind (Simpleview) and Synergi Tech Ltd.

Gold Partner profile: Placecube

“We don’t want to lock [local government] customers in and push them to buy everything from us. We want to make it easy for them to incorporate the best digital services from other suppliers – those who already understand user needs and design great service experiences – and realise them with new code.”

Dr Gavin Beckett, Executive Director Product Research and Innovation, Placecube (Source: Open Access Government)

CAN’s Gold Partner, Placecube, is leading the way in creating and connecting local digital services across places. They co-design with clients, so services work together with greater intelligence, eliminating frustration for users and cutting out unnecessary costs to the public purse. This ‘integration-first’ approach to working with partners is as refreshing as it is valuable.

And we’re proud to be part of its ‘digital ecosystem’ – with access to CAN’s digital advertising technology integrated into the Placecube web content management solution for local councils. This means that our Council Advertising Network is immediately available to those who take the solution – all councils need do is switch it on.

Sustainable partnerships for a better-connected place

Placecube makes digital government more affordable by re-using well-designed services already co-created with councils and users.

Its Digital Place ‘software-as-a-service’ offers a sustainable way for local public sector organisations, health, housing and communities, to rapidly adopt open standards and open source-based digital services in a new style of partnership designed to connect places and communities.

It’s an alternative to the once binary choice these organisations had between digital products that aren’t well designed and don’t use open standards on the one hand, versus brilliantly designed open-source code that needed large investments of cash on the other.

Jason Fahy, Chief Executive at Placecube

“Placecube develops integrated digital services, turning them into re-usable products that government can more easily consume. Co-designed with government, we have already created quick-to-deploy, re-usable solutions for local public services, community collaboration and place-based service directories. We continue to create simple, fast ways to help deliver better digital user experiences with intelligent, personalised services, engaged community collaboration and secure information exchange.

“All our solutions are based on leading open-source technologies and an open ecosystem of re-usable digital components. So our clients get to access proven, well-designed digital services that already exist and don’t have to pay extra for unnecessary re-development.

“Our approach to re-use and co-creation offers a new style of sustainable partnership. It enables our clients to operate their own digital platforms and deliver better services at far lower costs than traditionally offered. By encouraging the re-use of proven technology, Placecube makes it simpler, easier and faster for services to be more joined-up and operate through greater intelligence.

“Our clients use this to accelerate transformation, taking a more ambitious approach to place-shaping. They’re better equipped to launch digital strategies that bring people, communities, businesses and infrastructure closer together for a more connected place.”

Find out more about Placecube here with more on the vision behind the cubes in this article from Gavin Beckett.

*We’ve also installed CAN tech on websites with content management systems operated by Jadu, GOSS, Drupal, SharePoint and WordPress.