CAN local brand

Advertising online for local businesses

Opportunities on your local council website & advice for those not yet online.

Reach the right audience

People living local to your business visit their council website regularly to access a vast range of public services and information. Council websites have up to hundreds of thousands of views each month.

A simple online process

Upload your own readymade advert or use one of our simple templates. Quick and easy payment checkout and follow-up emails when your advert is approved and goes live.

A safe and trusted environment

No fake news here! Your business will be showcased in the leaderboard space across the top of ‘clutter-free’ council webpages in rotation with ads from quality national brands and alongside reliable and appropriate content.

Measuring performance

Keep up to date on how your advertising campaign is doing with your own online dashboard, updated each week.

You stay in control

Decide how much you want to spend on your advertising upfront and for how long. Choose to advertise only with your local council or with more than one council in your area.

Giving back to your community

Your ad payment will contribute to your local council’s revenue which pays for a range of crucial public services for your customers.