CAN Lunch Bites 3

CAN Lunch Bite Webinars

3: COVID-19 vaccine comms: ready-to-go insight & ideas

With the COVID-19 vaccine rollout currently public health’s number one priority, how do council and NHS communications teams plan effective campaigns when there are so many different audiences and issues involved? 

Three public sector comms managers shared key learning from their previous similar campaigns in this info-packed, 15-minute webinar, chaired and summarised by local government expert Paul Masterman. 

  • Dave Roberts, Head of Communications, Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust: on how his experience promoting the HPV vaccine taught him tactics to tackle the antivaxxers. 
  • Niki Barton, Strategic Communications Manager, Reading Borough Council: on how her work for Oxfam around the Ebola virus led to an understanding of why thinking local really matters. Download slides
  • Simon Jones, Executive Director of Communications, Westco: on the importance of real-time data and sharing insight so you can act swiftly when you perceive changing behaviours. 

PLUS, bonus content! Social media genius Dan Slee on how to use Facebook groups for peer-to-peer endorsement of your messages. He draws on the recent #TimeToCare campaign to recruit social workers and care workers during the pandemic in this five-minute extra bite!