CAN Lunch Bites 4

CAN Lunch Bite Webinars

4: Social care recruitment – smarter comms to support vulnerable children & adults

This Lunch Bite webinar brings together communicators from local councils who have come up with smarter ways to make a success of recruitment campaigns for adults and children’s services.

Social services were already suffering from difficulties in recruiting staff, carers, and volunteers due to long-term funding cuts, poor official ratings, and negative public perceptions. And then Covid-19 happened.

With insight and ideas from:

  • James Morton, Alive with Ideas
    On how you reflect different challenges and constraints in your campaign creatives with examples from Stoke and Dorset social care comms.

  • Paul Beecroft, Dorset Council
    On applying insight already gained from a campaign to recruit adult social workers to build audiences for other areas of social care.

  • Lauren Castle, Wiltshire Council
    On recruiting to the Shared Lives initiative – that matches vulnerable adults to supportive families – using smarter, targeted comms.

  • Pete Jackson, ADASS West Midlands
    What’s coming down the line for social care recruitment in the near future.

  • John-Paul Danon, CAN
    How CAN supported Stoke-on-Trent to put together a business case for an “invest to save” approach to social care campaigns. 

Presentation slides and supporting information