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5: COVID-19 comms for councils: turbocharge your community testing 

We’ve teamed up again with Westco Communications to bring you insight and tactics to help get your local messages on COVID-19 community testing seen by residents you most need to reach. 

Watch to find out about: 

  • A whole readymade campaign – complete with an insight-driven suite of creatives and a comms strategy – FREE to use on your channels! 
  • Advice from top local government communicators on what behaviour change methods you can employ to improve uptake
  • Tactics and tech that will amplify your messages to the local postcodes and demographics you most need to reach


You can download the creatives for this campaign on the Westco website, and you can also download Westco’s vaccine hesitancy campaign


Get your messages on COVID-19 testing to the right people

We can provide you with a cost-effective way to reach 95% of your residents with either the Westco community testing campaign or your own through programmatic advertising on the websites and social media they use regularly. 

We can provide you with insight into the travel habits of those who need for leave home to work during lockdown (who most need to be tested), help nudge people to register for a test or view information pages about testing centres, and embed behaviours so people make testing a regular part of their routine. Contact us for a chat