CAN Lunch Bites 7

CAN Lunch Bite Webinars

7: Launch of the Fostering Recruitment Hub

CAN Digital and Westco launched the Fostering Recruitment Hub with this virtual meeting on 15 October 2021.

The hub is specifically for public sector communicators and people who work in children’s services on foster care recruitment – to share experiences on what’s working and not and benefit from free resources and the latest insight.

In our inaugural Fostering Recruitment Hub meeting, we covered:

  • Free access to a gold-standard foster care enquiry form based on best practice from across the UK.
  • Heard about how to get the customer journey right for foster carers from John Cooper whose successful foster care recruitment career has taken him to Leicestershire and Nottingham councils and the Birmingham Children’s Trust.
  • Found out how to tap into the new Foster With Your Council website – where you can direct potential foster carers to information on why it’s better to work with their local council than an IFA.
  • Listened to creative ideas and technical tips on running campaigns from CAN’s John-Paul Danon, with 50 fostering campaigns under his belt.

If you’ve yet to sign up for the Fostering Recruitment Hub, or know a colleague who would benefit, fill in your details to attend the next and future meetings.