CAN Premium

CAN Premium

CAN Premium offers advertisers and agencies access to our exclusive CAN Advertising Network on a PMP (private marketplace) basis for guaranteed brand safety and the opportunity for precise targeting of self-qualified audiences. 

Our Premium offer

Run-of-network PMP opportunities across more than 100 local government websites on the domain, including for local councils, official tourism, transport & travel, and jobs.

Segmented PMP opportunities targeting confirmed qualified audience groups by area of interest and life stage, including:

  • Car owners
  • Home owners – recently moved, extending their properties or keen gardeners
  • Parents of school-age children
  • Retired people making decisions about their future
  • Rural dwellers
  • Jobseekers
  • Budgeters on benefits
  • Financial decision-makers for SMEs

Our Premium format options are 100% above-the-fold leaderboard, 100% in-view, bespoke-to-you iBar, and 100% in-view mobile-friendly sticky.

Download the CAN media pack now for how to get white-listed, our advertising rates and who to contact.