Contingency planning for website advertising

Emergency planning support & guidance

For partners on the Council Advertising Network and other public sector organisations

The COVID-19/coronavirus outbreak will have meant public sector organisations turning to their emergency plans for guidance. Immediately below is specific advice around COVID-19 for our partners and others in local government.

To our network partners: please do not remove advertising code from your website. We will be able to control everything centrally and easily reinstate ads once an emergency situation is over. You’ll find all your options further down the page.

COVID-19 / Coronavirus outbreak

We understand the pressures on local council teams during the current coronavirus outbreak. We can help with your vital messaging through our data, digital and campaign expertise for free. Let us know if you need a virtual helping hand by filling in our contact form.

A simple way you can get important messages out to your residents and businesses is by using your website, which is likely to be well-visited during the outbreak by people seeking information on health concerns, to find out what is happening to council services, and to get advice on financial matters.

Plug your website into the official Government campaign

Council partners on our advertising network can run these readymade creatives based on the national COVID-19 campaign, in their ad space. They will click-through to the most up-to-date advice on the main NHS guidance page. Contact us if you would like to run these in rotation with other advertising.






You can view this format running at the bottom of the webpage. Available to both council partners and non-partners, the iBar is anchored permanently to the bottom of the screen as visitors scroll.

If your council website is not on our network, we can provide you with simple code to make use of this format.

We have creatives available for both the ‘Wash your hands’ and ‘Stay at home’ versions of the Government campaign, plus a choice of other creatives so you can highlight the support and guidance available for different groups (for example local businesses and vulnerable people) and around different services (social care and waste, for example).

All the iBar creatives can either click through to a dedicated page on your own website or to default national information.

Request iBars and view the creatives available here and we’ll be in touch with how to get them on your website.

Reach your residents on channels they use daily

If you have campaign budget available, we have a cost-effective way to buy up ad space that can get messages onto the brand-safe news and information websites and social media platforms your residents use regularly.

This will help you get to your hard-to-reach residents who don’t see official channels as well as your general local population, using the data we have available to target specific social groups. Because we’re pooling resources from across councils, we can achieve maximum reach and frequency.

Please fill out our contact form if you’d like to find out more.

Options for website advertising in the event of an emergency

Option 1:
Pause delivery of all advertising on your whole website for a defined period.

Option 2:
Pause delivery to selected webpages that may be considered more sensitive at times of crisis, such as those on bereavement, depending on the nature of the emergency.

You will need to provide us with a list of the webpage URLs you want to pause.

Option 3:
Continue to run advertising as normal.

Operation London Bridge

This is the codename for the actions to be taken if the monarch passes away.

It is likely that the contingency plan for your website already includes an alternative homepage with a prepared statement. In this circumstance, you would probably choose either Option 1 or Option 2, listing your homepage URL among those pages on which ads should be paused.

Let us know your preferences

If you’re a partner on the Council Advertising Network and haven’t yet told us your emergency preference, you can use our contact form to let us know which option you want us to action.

If possible, add a section on website advertising outlining the option you’ve chosen to your overall emergency plan so anyone who picks it up can see what steps will be taken.