Getting the message on public health

COVID-19 communications that work

  • Find gaps in COVID-19 knowledge amongst different wards and demographics – and fill them with facts.

  • Tackle misinformation in community languages.

  • Promote prevention and testing to bring down infection rates.

Are you struggling to get important COVID messages through to all your communities? We can help. We can get a digital campaign up and running for you within 48 hours that targets the local wards, demographics and groups you need to reach with the messages they need to see.

We have digital COVID campaigns live across the UK for local councils. With only a small percentage of your residents following you on social media, we target them through digital advertising where they are: on news websites, information platforms like YouTube and in their social media feeds.

You can use our tried and tested creatives and other digital tools adapted for your council. Messages can be delivered in community languages on websites used by locals.

We also collect localised insight so you can deliver more relevant information to those who haven’t yet got the message – or those who don’t understand it.

And you get an online data dashboard to keep you up to date with the latest results.

Listen to a 15-minute “Lunch Bite” webinar in which two local council heads of communications talk about how the campaign has helped them engage with different communities on COVID-19.

Fill in the form below if you are interested in running the campaign in your area.

Public health messaging for all your residents

Encouraging people to take steps to protect their health and wellbeing is key to preventing many illnesses. It improves life chances in every way. It also saves public funds that would be spent on care and other support down the line.

Year-round, Public Health England runs a range of campaigns – from smoking cessation to keeping active, and from cervical screening to mental health. But how can you make sure, as a local council, that all your residents get to see these messages, understand them and act on them?

We can target these campaigns to people by age, sex, and ethnicity groups in specific locations covered by your local authority. We can then retarget those who need more information. And we can measure response at every stage.

How programmatic advertising works for campaigns

Recent research from the Local Government Association shows councils have never been more trusted following the COVID-19 pandemic. Use this to your advantage by getting important public health – and other – messages across specifically to the local people you need to reach.

Using programmatic advertising means:

  • The websites and social media channels your campaign ads appear on are determined by anonymised data profiles of individuals’ browsing habits. So, making use of data gathered on the internet in a positive way.
  • Your campaign is continually monitored to determine which messages, creatives and channels are working best and tweaked to get the highest performance for the lowest cost.
  • Your ads won’t appear in inappropriate places thanks to our in-built filters and you can easily track the progress of your campaign via your own online dashboard.

At CAN we call our programmatic advertising service for councils Citizen Reach™ and you can find more information on it here. You can also read some of our success stories here.