Getting the message on public health

Tackle COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy with targeted digital advertising

  • TRIED & TESTED digital creatives for different age groups and community groups.
  • VIDEOS and animations that help people get the message.
  • COST-EFFECTIVE targeted ads on websites and social media – including Snapchat and TikTok.

COVID-19 vaccine messages not hitting home in all your local communities? Losing the misinformation battle on social media? We can help. 

CAN has joined forces with Westco to make a big, concerted push across the UK to replace misinformation and misunderstandings about the COVID vaccine with facts, reality, and hope. 

We’ve been running digital advertising campaigns to promote vaccine take-up since the rollout began. We’ve reached millions of mobile phones and other devices with key messages and had more than 300,000 clicks through to official NHS guidance and vaccine booking pages.

Take a look at our webinar which introduced Westco and CAN’s COVID-19 Vaccine Uptake Campaign.

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FREE digital creatives! 

Council and public health comms teams can use Westco’s set of digital creatives previewed in the webinar free on their own channels.

They are designed to reach out to vaccine-hesitant communities and include: 

  • Myth-busting the top five vaccine concerns. 
  • Highlighting the precious moments people want back for good.
  • Emphasising how it feels to be the one left behind if not vaccinated.

These creatives are informed by current research and behaviour change models, and has been approved and used by NHS CCGs.

Getting the message to hard-to-reach communities 

If you have a budget to tackle COVID vaccine hesitancy, CAN will help target your hard-to-reach citizens using cost-effective programmatic advertising. We can reach up to 95% of any target group this way – when under 10% of your residents will be following you on social media. 

This will help flood the social media channels and websites visited regularly by your local demographic groups with the positive and accurate messaging. We can also: 

  • Use pre-roll video clips of leading community voices as part of the creative mix. 
  • Poll citizens who click on the creatives to get a benchmark measurement of local public opinion on the vaccine and monitor changes. 
  • Make use of translations into your local community languages. 

Share comms insight and experience with your peers 

Join in with the Public Sector Communications Hub we’ve created with Westco Communications! It gives you access to free campaign insight and creatives plus the chance to share what’s working and not with comms folk in different organisations. And aside from COVID-19 themes, new areas of public sector work are being added all the time.