Foster Carer Recruitment Benchmark Service

Data Processing Terms

CAN Digital Solutions Limited a company incorporated in England under number 08706148 and whose registered office is at 4th Floor, 18 St Cross Street, London, EC1N 8UN (“CAN”) provides a Foster Carer Recruitment Benchmark Service to local authorities and charities (“Partners”). These Terms define CAN’s data processing obligations.



Subject matter of the processing

Foster carer recruitment marketing benchmarking service.

Duration of processing

Processing occurs until the Partner withdraws from the Service.

Nature and purpose of processing

Data – impressions, interactions, contact volume, application starts and approvals – are collected from Partners and loaded into a common data platform. Partners access the platform to compare their performance against other Partners.


  1. The following terms will govern the way that CAN uses the Data that Partners provide in connection with the Service (“Partner Data”).
  2. Partners are authorised to use and to allow CAN to use and process Partner Data to provide the Service.
  3. CAN processes Partner Data by loading it into a common platform with Data from other Partners. CAN will not use Partner Data for any other purpose unless Partner provides written instructions to do so.
  4. CAN will maintain appropriate technical and organisational security measures to protect Partner Data from unauthorised use or processing and against its loss, destruction, theft, damage or disclosure. 
  5. CAN will ensure that Partner Data is available only on the Service and is accessible only by local councils and charities that are part of the Fostering Hub.
  6. CAN will impose on its employees obligations of confidentiality and security which are equivalent to those contained in these Terms.
  7. CAN will notify Partners promptly of the actual or suspected loss, compromise, corruption or any unauthorised access to, or breach of the security of, Partner Data and provide Partner with such assistance as may be reasonably required in relation to any such circumstance.
  8. CAN will promptly and in a secure manner return or destroy Partner Data within five (5) Working Days of a written request from Partner should Partner no longer wish to use the Service, except to the extent that and for as long as it is required for legal or regulatory purposes to retain such Data.