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Network partners: Public sector job websites

Reach 1 million+ jobseekers monthly
825k+ unique users across Scotland
300k+ unique users in the West Midlands and
North West England

Our public sector advertising network features three websites for people looking for work: throughout Scotland, in the West Midlands, and in North East England.

These are brand-safe environments where visitors go for job opportunities in the public and charity sector.

Sample web page to illustrate ads on WM Jobs

These sites are particularly good for brands aimed at educated young women.

Of the 825k+ monthly unique users of My Job Scotland 60% are female and 50% university graduates.

For North East Jobs of the 63k monthly unique users, 57% are female and 46% grads.

Of the 243k monthly unique users of West Midlands Jobs, 61% are female and visitors to the website are 1.3x more likely to be aged 25-39 years than the average for UK websites.

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