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Exclusive access to local government websites across the UK
Nationwide network of 60+ UK councils & 100+ other public sector sites
17.2million unique visitors per month
Over 1 billion ads delivered in 2018

CAN is your only gateway to advertising opportunities at-scale across the UK local government domain.

Local government websites are socially aware, safe environments. Your brand is showcased in 100% relevant and trusted content while people engage with essential services at their key life stages.

CAN gives you access to programmatic advertising with sophisticated segmentation across public sector websites via the CAN Advertising Network as well as guaranteed space on the network with CAN Premium. 

Media Pack

Download the CAN Media Pack below for full details including advertising rates.

About us

CAN provides digital solutions for local government, advertisers and web publishers. We generate income for the public sector through the Council Advertising Network and reach residents with targeted campaigns.