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Generating income from public sector websites

CAN generates income for public sector organisations across the UK through our Council Advertising Network. Around 40 local councils as well as dozens of tourism, job and transport websites in the public sector have already joined us.

Using our easy-to-install technology, we can sell advertising space safely and securely on your website – to quality brands and agencies – at no cost to you.

We pay the income generated from these ads directly to you every quarter. And you can monitor your earnings by logging into your own online dashboard.

Boosting under-funded communications budgets

Many of the councils on our Council Advertising Network use the income generated from their ads to supplement campaign budgets. So, for council teams who need this extra boost, you can convert your income into credits which you can use to fund your advertising campaigns via our Citizen Reach™ service. If you choose the credits option we will increase your income by 25%.

Citizen Reach™ uses cost-effective programmatic (real-time bid) advertising to target your campaigns to specific audiences wherever they are online – across news & lifestyle websites & social media – by demographics, interests & geolocations.

Reach your residents: our adtech amplifies campaigns

Key council messages are seen by only a small percentage of residents on your organic channels. Yet 92% of the population is now online. Our adtech can help you reach more of these people.

Installing our adtech on council websites means your own messages can be shown across every webpage, breaking down service silos. So, someone viewing council tax information will see a message on foster care recruitment and someone looking at school term dates will see recycling updates.

CAN does not charge nor take a percentage of revenue for use of this inventory. Uploading, scheduling and reporting on performance of these ads is also provided at no extra cost.

What you get when you join the Council Advertising Network

Get in touch with us (by clicking on the button below) and we’ll send you:

  • A bespoke business case – with an estimate of the annual advertising income from your council website.​
  • A mock-up of what adverts on your website will look like.
  • A joining guide and all the resources you need to take advantage of our advertising technology.
Your questions answered

The public sector can be wary of being associated with advertising.

At CAN we understand the red tape often faced by people working in local government. The team has worked in, and worked with, local councils for many years. 

We’ve put together answers to some of the most frequently asked questions to help bust some myths.