CAN Local: Q&As

Who is behind CAN Local?

CAN Local is an initiative run by CAN, a company which has been working closely with local government to help councils earn revenue from advertising for many years. Our Council Advertising Network was developed especially for the public sector and currently has around 50 local councils around the UK as partners in this network.

Are there any restrictions on what can be advertised?

As you might expect, we need to ensure that all advertising that runs on our council partners’ websites is appropriate for a public sector environment. For this reason, we do not accept advertising within certain categories – gambling, adult themes, alcohol, politics or payday or high-interest loans.

In addition, there may be advertising which individual councils decide is not appropriate for their residents. This might be for specific cultural reasons or because of clashes with their own commercial enterprises. We will let you know if your advert is not approved by the council(s) you want to advertising with and will give you their reason and a refund.

Is there a minimum spend?

Yes, the minimum amount it costs to advertise with CAN Local is £200. This figure has been decided on as our advertising rates – in line with other online networks – are based on web impressions (number of times your advert appears on users’ devices, whether that’s their laptops, tablets or mobile phones), and our research shows the number of impressions needs to be at least 200,000 (valued at £200) to ensure an optimal amount of views and clicks.

How long will my budget last?

We ask you to choose a start date and end date for each advertising campaign you run on a council website, and try to ensure that the frequency your ad is shown gives you the total number of impressions you have purchased within this time frame. However, some councils (especially larger authorities) generate far more impressions in a shorter amount of time than others. But we’ll always ensure your ad gets the number of impressions you have paid for.

How many people will see my advert?

Once your advertising campaign is up and running, we will send you a link to a dashboard, updated each week, that shows you how your advert is performing in terms of impressions (see above), views and how many people have clicked on your ad. Again, the figures will depend on how many residents live in a council’s catchment area.

Where will my advert be placed on a council website?

Your ad will be shown in rotation with our other advertising from quality national brands, as well as national government and public health campaign ads, on the ‘leaderboard’ ad space (the horizontal space across the top of the webpage).

Are there options for a larger advertising budget?

If you have £2,000 or more to spend, we can put you in touch with our advertising sales team who will be able to advise you on different options for a larger budget. These include different formats of advert like our exclusive, bespoke ‘Ibar’ advert that is rooted to the bottom of a desktop screen when scrolling and mobile ‘sticky’ which does the same on a phone screen.

Who do I contact if I have a question or problem with CAN Local?

It’s best to send your question in via our contact page so one of the team can look into your issue and get back to you with an answer. We operate usual office hours, Monday to Friday, but if you highlight a problem we need to fix urgently, we will get back to you as soon as we can.