CAN Lunch Bites 6

CAN Lunch Bite Webinars

6: Time to rethink your foster carer recruitment campaigns 

Are your usual comms working as hard as they could be to attract foster carers for your council? Don’t carry on scheduling the same old channels! Take 15 minutes to find out about the different tactics and tools you can use to get better outcomes – by listening to our webinar. 

In this Lunch Bite webinar: 

  • How to build a digital audience of people interested in foster care and keep their interest until they take the next step. 
  • Why “always-on” marketing is a must to compete with the independent fostering sector. 
  • Why, when people are reconsidering their circumstances like never before, behaviour change theory has so much potential in local government communications and how it can be applied to foster carer recruitment. 

With CAN’s John-Paul Danon, who has overseen around 50 successful digital foster care recruitment campaigns for councils; and Dominic Ridley-Moy, of the Behaviour Change Network. Download Dominic’s slides from the the webinar on behaviour change theory. And you can also download John-Paul’s slides on programmatic advertising.