Meet the team

Meet the CAN team

We’re proud to be a small, dedicated team. We strive to build solid relationships with our public sector partners, advertisers and agencies who we want to help succeed in generating revenue and getting their messages across to the right audiences, in the right place, at the right time.

One of our values is:

Sincere & helpful: Our skilled, friendly team will always do the right thing for you – with no hidden agendas

And we mean it.

The CAN team is made up of experienced professionals with the latest digital know-how and income generation expertise, most of whom have years of knowledge working in – or with – local authorities.

Lloyd Clark - Managing Director

With more than ten years’ experience working with local councils across the UK, Lloyd combines a strategic overview of the ‘big picture’ – overseeing CAN’s product portfolio of digital solutions – with a hands-on enthusiasm for the day-to-day work of the team. An MBA graduate, he started out in strategy consulting and has focused his career on developing digital ventures. Before launching CAN in 2014, he was Managing Director of Capacitygrid, supporting local authorities to improve their services and generate income – and this remains his motivation. ​

John-Paul Danon - Sales Director

His 15 years+ experience developing commercial digital platforms in the retail, education, health and local government sectors, meant that when John-Paul co-founded CAN with Lloyd in 2014, he was well-positioned to support local councils to make the best use of their digital assets. John-Paul is keen to promote the sort of joined-up thinking – both within local authorities and between councils and advertisers – that will generate income and improve engagement with residents through CAN’s Council Advertising Network and Citizen Reach.

Mark Gardner - Technical Director

Part of the team that launched the first-ever local authority website for Birmingham City Council back in the 1990s, Mark is CAN’s Technical Director – a title which encompasses quite an array of functions. He’s the one who makes sure advertising runs smoothly for all our network partners and troubleshoots their tech issues. He is also a whizz at setting up reporting dashboards so councils can see at-a-glance how the external digital campaigns we run for them are performing. And if you need campaign creatives, he is all over that too – as well as being CAN’s own resident brand champion.

Matthew Kilpatrick, Head of Agency Sales

He has a good few years under his belt in media sales and, since 2015, Matthew has been helping advertising agency sales teams reach the right audiences across the CAN Council Advertising Network of local council websites, VisitEngland tourism websites and other public sector transport and jobs partners. Matthew manages all aspects of CAN’s relationships with agency clients and is keen to explain how the UK-wide reach of our network can benefit brands.

Guillaume Regnard, Digital Trading Manager

With a decade of advertising industry experience behind him – for a range of top UK sales houses – Guillaume is now the CAN Slingshot supremo, developing our pioneering programmatic advertising software. Skilled in an array of market-leading digital technologies, including both Google and AOL’s digital product suites, Guillaume is well-placed to optimise the performance of programmatic for publishers, with successes including key accounts Reed and Transport for London.

Eleri Salter, Sales Manager

Joining John-Paul in his quest to promote a more fruitful relationship between local government and advertisers, Eleri is in a unique position for the task: with almost 20 years clocked up in media sales and currently working part-time as commercial manager for the London Borough of Haringey. In her work with CAN, Eleri teams her in-depth understanding of public sector needs with her huge success in generating some £4million in income from Haringey’s advertising and sponsorship opportunities, to give local councils invaluable insight. She also has a wealth of experience building multimedia campaigns that deliver return on investment for advertisers.

Karen Pagett, Communications Lead

Responsible for CAN's comms, Karen showcases our services via case studies, blogs and social media posts. She also writes two regular CAN email newsletters – one for council folk (and interested others) and one for CAN’s community of advertisers and agencies. Karen has worked on both sides of the public/private sector fence, her 25 years of comms experience divided between local government, marketing agency and printed media