Multiply: supporting your residents with their numeracy skills

Campaign help so local authorities can make a real difference to job prospects & everyday lives through the Multiply scheme.

Multiply is a numeracy scheme to improve maths skills in adults aged 19-plus that will run from 2023 to the end of 2025.

Local authorities tasked with implementing the scheme need to make sure they have a communications plan that’s sustainable across three years, reaches the main target audience and chosen groups within it, and is measurable so real progress can be demonstrated.

Funding and participating authorities

Allocations from the Government’s Shared Prosperity Fund have been given to the Greater London Authority, Mayoral Combined Authorities, and other upper tier/unitary authorities across the UK to deliver Multiply.

The numeracy scheme is part of the wider “Levelling Up” agenda to improve life chances by empowering local leaders to “regenerate towns and cities and restore local pride in places” – putting local authorities firmly front and centre when it comes to delivering for their residents and local businesses.

Read the Multiply prospectus and check your council allocation.

Communicating Multiply

These are the top three actions we’d recommend to drive engagement with adult learning based on insight from public sector campaigns we already have up and running for Essex Adult Community Learning College and Surrey Adult Learning Services:

  • Use “always on” Google Search for year-round courses (which Multiply will be). This will ensure you get a steady stream of those people already actively looking into learning opportunities onto your campaign landing page. At CAN we amplify this by introducing simple tech to campaign webpages which tracks users anonymously so they can be retargeted with ads to nudge them into signing up.
  • At key times when people are considering improving their skills and qualifications – usually late summer for the start of the academic year in early autumn and each New Year – concentrate increased spend on courses with a lot of places to fill and hard-to-sell classes with paid-for ads on social media and across websites.
  • Perfect your audience-targeting. Who are you trying to reach? Who would benefit most from this learning? With Multiply, there are several specific groups the Government wants to recruit, including parents of school-age children (to help with the next generation’s life chances) and local businesses (to promote numeracy to their staff so they can progress at work). Don’t waste budget with a “send to all” approach – utilise the most appropriate channels and set up profiles to reach the right demographics, geolocations and interests of the target groups.

Get in touch with us to find out how we can help how drive uptake of Multiply locally.