Share to Save

‘Share to save’ with Citizen Reach™

Cut the cost of your council campaigns

How can you get your campaign messages to appear across more channels – and on the best-performing, big-name channels – for less than you would usually spend on digital advertising?

With more than 150 digital campaigns under our belt, CAN’s Citizen Reach™  has given councils a value-for-money way to get their messages seen over the past four years and produced some impressive results (take a look at our case studies).

The programmatic advertising used in Citizen Reach™ campaigns is the smartest way to spend your communications budget as you can target your message to the right people and get meaningful, measurable outcomes.

This form of digital advertising – using anonymous data profiles of individual browsing habits – can work brilliantly with most budgets. But it works better with a bigger spend – so how can cash-strapped councils compete?

CAN is able to help. For popular campaigning themes during the year – like fostering recruitment and recycling – we can pool the money councils want to spend on their campaigns individually and use this large collective budget to bring bigger benefits to all those taking part.

Why councils should ‘share to save’

When councils club together through CAN’s Citizen Reach™ to buy digital advertising space for their campaigns, as a participating council you get:

  • More ads for your budget – ‘bulk buying’ of advertising space and the ability to bid across many platforms leads to a lower average cost per ad.
  • Better targeting – collectively, the ads from all the councils taking part are seen by a much greater number of people, so it’s possible to work out more quickly which groups respond best to which channels and messages, and concentrate spend on those.
  • Access to top websites – small, individual advertising budgets can miss out on big-name sites as they don’t meet minimum spend requirements. But larger, pooled budgets open the door to direct deals with media owners and more platforms.
  • Stronger evaluations – you can see how your campaign performs against those from other councils to help you benchmark your results.

Your questions answered

Can I use my own creatives for the ads?

Yes. Each council’s campaign will feature their own logo, design and message even though the advertising space is being bought ‘in bulk’. You can provide us with readymade creatives to these ad specs .

You can also contact us to discuss other ways to get campaign creatives.

Do I have to run my campaign at the same time as the other councils taking part?

No, but we will run ‘share to save’ Citizen Reach™ campaigns at times of the year when they will perform best. So, there may be a specific timeframe during which your campaign should run.

Is the level of budget needed to take part fixed?

No. We will recommend how much we think you’ll need to spend to get the best results for your campaign, but we can work within most budget constraints.

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