Sponsorship and Advertising Sales Service

Sponsorship and Advertising Sales

Are you making the most of your local council assets?

If you work for a local council and have been given a sales target – or an ambitious savings goal – it can be a headache to achieve if you don’t have the right in-house expertise.

We can take that headache away with our Sponsorship and Advertising Sales service, which provides you with access to resources and skills that can help you meet your income potential in a very cost-effective way.

How does the Sponsorship and Advertising Sales service work?

The service is run by media sales professionals, who have had great success selling public sector advertising and sponsorship opportunities to quality advertisers.

We’ve developed a three-point plan to help you maximise your income.

1.     A ‘mini-audit’ will highlight the assets you could market to advertisers

Not all local councils are at the same place on their commercial journey. They may or may not have considered sales and sponsorship before. This is an opportunity to have an independent expert take a look at the assets you have to offer and come up with recommendations on how you can make the most of them.

2.     We will put together your sales and sponsorship media pack

This collects into one marketable bundle all the council-owned assets identified in the ‘mini-audit’. Your offer will be more compelling to serious advertisers this way, as they are more likely to build you into their plans with a comprehensive media pack of sales opportunities than if you approached them with one opportunity in isolation.

We know that a particular ‘pain point’ for many councils is selling ad space in their print publications. So, if you have any of these, they will form a key part of your media pack. However, you may be surprised by the variety of council-owned assets – from digital to events – that could be included.

3.     Communications and sales will promote your offer

Marketing and sales activity will then go to work to sell your advertising and sponsorship opportunities locally and nationally.

Interested in maximising the income you generate from sponsorship and advertising sales? Get in touch.

CAN sells space on local council and other public sector websites to quality brands and advertisers to generate income, free of charge, through our Council Advertising Network. Find out more here.