Support your businesses to survive and thrive through innovative advertising using your own media

Local councils are in a unique position to lead the recovery of their economies.

They are often the biggest media owners in their area. The channels they own – print publications for residents, social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, the council website and email communications – reach the majority of households in a way no other local publisher does.

At CAN we’ve developed way to empower councils to make use of their media assets that maximises promotional opportunities for their local small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) so they can help get their local economies growing again.

It’s called THRIVE Local. Councils can find out more here and SMEs can find out more here.

Through the programme we aim to release more than £3million in promotional value across council assets for free to local businesses over the next 12 months.

How THRIVE Local works

Many SMEs ground to an enforced halt because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The media channels councils own are perfect vehicles to help these local businesses get back on their feet, survive and ultimately thrive.

CAN has years of experience delivering advertising on council and other public sector websites through our Council Advertising Network and works with councils to generate income with their other assets through our Sponsorship and Advertising Sales service too.

THRIVE Local involves us at CAN joining forces with councils across the UK to deliver marketing campaigns that will promote their SMEs through advertising on their own media channels.

CAN will run this advertising on an at-cost basis, and councils will give their website advertising space – and ad space across their print publications, email bulletins and social media – free to their local SMEs.

How councils can take part in THRIVE Local

If you work for a local council in the UK and want to support recovery for your SMEs, please contact CAN by filling in this form.

There will be minimal work involved for you. Participating councils just need to email local SMEs to ask if they want to be part of the campaign and will also be invited to choose which types of SME should be prioritised, reviewing this every three months. CAN will pick up the backroom tasks and provide comprehensive regular reporting.

How SMEs can take part in THRIVE Local

If you’re a small or medium-sized business, the local council you pay business rates to should get in touch to ask whether you want to take part and benefit from free promotion to thousands of potential customers. Or you can fill in this form in advance to let them know you’re interested.

Priority will be given to local businesses who have supported communities prior to and/or during lockdown and can demonstrate they are contributing to a cleaner environment.

We will ask you to provide any current advertising artwork you may have, or we will work with you to create adverts from our readymade templates. You’ll get updates on how your ad campaign is doing via an online dashboard.

If you have some advertising budget available anyway, the 50 local councils around the UK on our public sector advertising network already run ads for local businesses on their websites. And the cost-effective, self-service CAN Local scheme could be perfect for you.