What we do

What we CAN do

We generate income for councils

CAN generates income for local authorities across the UK by running digital premium and programmatic advertising on council websites – at no cost to councils.

When a local authority joins the CAN Council Advertising Network, we work with their web and IT teams to plug in simple technology that enables us to sell their advertising space to quality brands. Advertising income generated is paid directly to local councils quarterly. 

Councils have control over the type of advertising that appears on their websites. They can also promote local businesses or their own services using CAN’s technology and our support, free of charge.

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We help you make the most of your assets

Local councils are often given sales or savings goals without the right in-house expertise to achieve them. CAN’s Sponsorship and Advertising Sales Service provides you with access to resources and skills that can help you meet your income potential in a very cost-effective way.

The service is run by media sales professionals, who have had great success selling public sector advertising and sponsorship opportunities to quality advertisers.

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We reach residents with digital campaigns

Local councils are responsible for a wide range of public services. Their communications teams spend time and effort crafting campaigns to inform the public about these services, encourage them to give their views, and promote behaviour change.

CAN has the digital know-how to make sure these campaigns reach the right audiences online and on social media. CAN Citizen Reach™ targets specific demographics (like age, sex and ethnic background), geographic locations and individual interests. 

We provide detailed end-reports to prove your messages have reached targets, removing the guesswork of much traditional marketing.

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We deliver a brand-safe environment for advertisers

It’s hard to control the advertising environment for your brand. You often can’t predict the content surrounding it: dodgy images, political messages, a stream of fake news.

Local government websites guarantee brand safety. Their content is strictly controlled and trusted – and people need to return to it again and again as they increasingly interact with public services digitally.

CAN has exclusive access to advertising opportunities on local government sites across the UK through the CAN Advertising Network. You can advertise nationwide or cherry-pick geo-locations.

The audience’s intentions are made clear from the council webpages they visit – whether that’s planning permission for a home extension, a school application for their child, or booking a green waste collection – and we use this data for bespoke ad targeting.

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We maximise revenue for publishers with our technology

Returns from selling ad space can be disappointing for publishers. CAN has an innovative technology solution to maximise revenues through competitive bidding.

Slingshot by CAN gives publishers access to more than a dozen blue-chip marketplaces for header-bidding, automatically refreshes ads and anchors ads when scrolling – all ‘out of the box’.

The tech is simple to run and delivers clean and safe programmatic advertising meaningful to the person viewing your webpage and tailored to all devices – laptops, smart tablets and mobiles. And it’s fully compliant with GDPR privacy and data legislation.

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