Generating income from council websites – CAN Advertising Network

Generating income from council websites

The advertising on our website is a new income stream – free money for utilising one of our top assets. And the adverts don’t distract users from what they came to do

Richard Pearson, Commercial Communications Manager, Southampton City Council

CAN generates income for local authorities across the UK through our Council Advertising Network. More than 60 local councils as well as dozens of local tourism, transport and job sites in the public sector have already joined us.

Using our easy-to-install technology, we can sell advertising space on your council website – to quality brands – at no cost to you.

We pay income generated from the ads directly to you every quarter. And you can monitor your earnings by logging into your own online dashboard.

A share in is possible through advertising on local council websites in the UK. And the more councils that join the network, the more advertising revenue is available for all.

What you get when you join the Council Advertising Network

Your questions answered

The public sector can be wary of being associated with advertising.

At CAN we understand the red tape often faced by people working in local government. Most of the CAN team have worked in, or worked with, local councils for many years. 

We’ve put together answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we get to bust some myths.

And you can read how digital advertising is working well for one local council here.

One of the CAN team will chat over the phone or face-to-face about your options.